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How does the Lien Hypercall © work ? Play video

It Works Because It's So Easy !

Visitors to your site are invited to call you when they read something of interest, without having to wait until the bottom of the page.

You can use as many words as you like for the same price, increasing the number of selling opportunities with each word !

Clicking on a word is just so natural and irresistible !

Potential customers are more likely to act while taking in information than after reaching the bottom of the page.

Make impulse buying work for you !

You can even take advantage of knowing which words users click.

The reports available online are quite detailed, and you are free to adjust your budget at any time.

The more I play, the more I win !

I try ! *

* To take advantage of Lien Hypercall ©, you must have Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in (available for download).

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Easy, Effective Mobile Marketing !

Not enough information on your mobile site ?

With Lien Hypercall © you can provide potential customers with additional information and right when they need it.

They click on the word. Your selling message will appear, promoting a sale or customer loyalty a sale or customer loyalty advantage, or even that stock is low.

Add unlimited Lien Hypercall © links (and customized messages), charges only apply to the calls made !

With conversion rates of 30-50%, you will see a significant change from the usual 2%.

Lien Hypercall Live

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