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Lien Hypercall Functions

Lien Hypercall © is a thin-client solution that offers many advantages !

Our interface was designed to be quickly and easily handled by all. Whether you are a website publisher, service provider or customer, Lien Hypercall © is intuitive to use and produces results quickly.

The diagrams below show how Lien Hypercall © works for each type of user.

We also stay by your side for any .

Creating Lien Hypercall Links

This step is of particular importance for website publishers, bloggers and webmasters.

The first step in creating and integrating Lien Hypercall © links is creating an account.
Once an account has been created, you just log in to access a simple, accurate interface for editing your links .

It only takes 5 minutes !

Lien Hypercall eb-lab website publisher

Using Lien Hypercall Links

The value of Lien Hypercall © becomes clear as soon as a client, customer or user interacts with your website.

Lien Hypercall © is compatible with all interactive and mobile platforms (Iphone, Blackberry, androide, PC et Mac).
Users initiate calls that are automatically connected and can even be redirected to call centers.

Lien Hypercall eb-lab consumer

Managing Lien Hypercall

As a Lien Hypercall © partner and promoter, you have access to personalized and efficient monitoring of your business activity.
Performance indicators and invoices can be viewed at any time on our secure website, allowing you to quickly calculate how effective your links are and tailor them to your needs.

Lien Hypercall eb-lab service provider

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